It’s June 1st!

That gives us 4 months and five days until the big day!  Time really is flying by quickly.  It’s hard to believe it’s been over a week since our last blog post.  The holiday weekend really threw us for a loop, but we were able to get in some quality family time, plenty of chores completed around the house and a little relaxation time too.  Bailey and I completed our 3 mile GTS (group training session) on Saturday morning.  We followed it up with a quick stop by BB’s bagels and then I went to my normal cycling class after that.  Sunday was a rest day…we went to see Hangover 2.  Bailey has been running a couple of times since then, I’ve just been cross training.  We have a fundraiser meeting today with our TNT (Team in Training) staff member – Amanda.  There is an “unofficial” GTS after that, but not sure if we’ll make that.  We’re still having the hardest time coordinating our schedules.  Oh yeah, on top of that, we have to have 200 fundraising letters written and addressed by Saturday morning!  Gotta run (no pun intended)…


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