A Fun-Raising Day!

What a busy day we had today! Well, busier I should say, since every day is usually a busy day! We started it by waking up at 7 a.m. to attend an injury prevention clinic. After the clinic we headed to Windward Parkway, where we met up with 3 other Team in Training runners, and we all started panhandling! We all started at 10, and kept it up until 1. We then took a break and counted the money we collected. After splitting the money between the 5 of us, dad and I walked away with $248.85 total! That’s $124.42 per person! Dad and I decided to go back by ourselves to collect some more. We went back out for another hour and a half, from that we collected $147.15! Making it a total of $396 for the day! People were very generous. Even though it was so hot and exhausting, we knew we were helping save people’s lives, and what we were going through wasn’t nearly as bad as what the cancer patients go through. It was a very successful day, and I’m sure we’ll be out there doing it again soon!


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  1. This post was written last Saturday, there was a little trouble trying to figure out how to post it. We figured it out and hopefully we will be writing more often!

  2. Two Saturday’s ago*

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